Water & Sewer

The City of Spring Park provides water service to all properties in Spring Park as private wells are not allowed under city ordinance.  The city pumps its water from underground aquifers with 3 wells located by city hall.  Once the water has been pumped from the aquifers, it is sent through the city's water treatment facility before being pumped into the city's 200,000-gallon water tower.  It then gets transported through an extensive system of underground water mains (city owned & maintained) and smaller individual service lines (privately owned & maintained) before finally discharging from a faucet.

Sanitary sewer is collected by a similarly extensive network of sewer mains throughout the city.  The raw sewage is then transported by a system of lift stations and progressively larger sewer mains before eventually getting transported out of Spring Park to a Met Council treatment facility.

Residents and businesses are charged for water and sewer services based on their consumption.  Water and sewer fees paid by residents and businesses help the city maintain the system and ensure that there is always a ready supply of clean water, and just as important, a sanitary way of disposing with the water once it has been used.


Water Hardness Level:

The hardness of Spring Park's water is 400mg/liter and the recommended water softener settings are 23-24 grains per gallon.


Current Water/Sewer Rates:

Water minimum charge per quarter per unit

25.00 (2023)

Water rate (per 1,000 gallons)  

0-8999 gallons

3.18 (2023)

9000-17,999 gallons



18,000+ gallons

6.37 (2023)


Sewer minimum charge per quarter per unit

25.00 (2023)

Sewer (per 1,000 gallons)

4.50 (2023)

Sewer/Met Council Charge (per 1,000 gallons)

4.50 (2023)