June 8, 2016, Planning Minutes

JUNE 8, 2016 – 7:00 PM
Attendance: Bren, Brixius
1. CALL TO ORDER – Chair Hoffman called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


3. ROLL CALL - Mason, Avalos, Palen, Kaczanowski, Hoffman

4. ADOPT AGENDA – Mason makes a motion and Kaczanowski seconded to adopt the agenda. All votes ayes, motion carries.

5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Kaczanowski makes a motion and Avalos seconds to approve the minutes. All votes ayes, motion carries.
a. Planning Commission Meeting Minutes from April 13, 2015

a. Continue Nuisance Enforcement Discussion –
Tolsma said this is informal. He has some sample photos. He said he also handed out a nuisance cheat sheet. He said pictured are frequent and commonly complained about items, for instance building materials. Tolsma reads the ordinance pertaining and said the operative words and phrases are "uncovered storage." In the case of building materials as part of a project, there was discussion about how long should be given for the repair or has it become a pile. Kaczanowski asked about what means “covered” and Brixius suggests that language be changed to define it clearer. Tolsma explained section 42-63 of the city’s code is kind of a catch all. Tolsma said there is nothing specific about trailers so it goes back to the general catch all. Brixius explained that in his other communities, allowance is made for one defined trailer that is on a hard surface or screened from view. Kaczanowski asked if the trailer needs to be licensed and Brixius said most trailers are on the road so they need to be currently licensed.

Tolsma said regarding sheds, there is a limit of three accessory structures on a residential property. Palen likes things stored in sheds but she wonders about hardcover and setbacks to property lines.

Regarding recreational vehicles Tolsma has included the definition and 42-63 allows one personal RV. He thinks allowing one per property is a happy medium. Brixius said he would change the definition to include boats on trailers and he feels it should be part of the RV definition. Palen asks about multiple items, boats, canoes, kayaks, snowmobiles, ice shanties. Kaczanowski wondered about seasonal use and what happens when something sits there year after year and is never used. Brixius said it should be operable, it should be licensed and it can’t be used as storage.

Tolsma said regarding boats, the best way forward would probably be to tie it with RV’s. He said because there is nothing specific, it falls in the catch all and yet that would be quite restrictive for boat storage. Brixius also thinks seasonal storage of docks and boatlifts needs to be defined.

Derelict Vehicles. Tolsma said there is a general section for derelict machinery but derelict is not defined in the ordinance. He said Beck had said there is a roundabout way to get there but it doesn’t make sense not spell it out. Brixius said there could be handouts that could be handed to residents that deal with derelict vehicles, outdoor storage, RV’s, sheds. Palen said what needs to be remembered is Spring Park is typically made up of small lots and everyone doesn’t have the luxury of having the room to store things. Brixius counters with the fact that lakeshore owners can afford the property so they should be able to afford to store it properly. Brixius said the cleanup days can also be utilized. Mason said he has condo units that weren’t there before now overlooking his yard. He said sometimes there are other situations that apply. He said on Shoreline Drive for instance, a lot more people see it so he thinks maybe off the main street could have more allowance. Tolsma said visibility definitions should be clearly defined to take into account a five story building overlooking a property.

Tolsma said passenger vehicles don’t currently have a limit. He wonders what the PC would like to see in this regard. Bren speaks regarding multiple vehicles parked on a property in Spring Park. She said one of them hasn’t been licensed since 2004. She said the vehicle that is parked on the edge of the road, the snowplowers have to plow around it. She said they are using some of the vehicles for storage.

Tolsma said temporary carports are not limited so discussion should be had about perhaps limiting the number. Kaczanowski said a permanent carport should be defined versus a canvas hoop house. Avalos said he’s aware of some using boathouses for other storage of things.

Commercial vehicles are discussed. Tolsma said there is an individual in our city that owns limousines. The claim is he uses the limousine for personal use so under section 42-277 allows this. Avalos asks about how it’s licensed and Tolsma said for this example, the limo is licensed as a limo.

Discussion was had about how the city currently handles nuisance properties by complaint because there isn’t staff available to enforce the problem. The PC is in agreement that the code needs to be better defined in order to have any enforcement power outside of complaint.

Hoffman said he would like the PC to answer the questions that are proposed in the handout and bring it back for the next meeting. Brixius said he can provide additional code language from other communities to start to craft a more solid ordinance.

Avalos said he would like to consider the history of the community. He said it is a resort/lake community. He thinks this needs to be highly considered. He said historically seasonal storage has been allowed and the facts that the lots are small. He said there are homes that don’t have garages and they may not have the area to build a storage structure. He said also to consider is the neighbor component. Most neighbors want to remain friendly. He also thinks thought should be given to where the city will be in twenty years, what type of culture do we want to craft and what benefits will our community be able to offer.

a. May 2, 2016 Council Minutes – Hoffman said there was a discussion about the audit regarding an unfunded liability and also PERA. Tolsma said they tie in together and PERA is public employment pension. He said the State made an auditing change so now cities have to consider certain pension contributions as unfunded liabilities.
b. May 16, 2016 Council Minutes
c. May 23, 2016 Work Session Minutes

a. New Commissioner Pictures (Catherine & Max)
b. Kaczanowski said in Thor Thompson Park there are two cement blocks in the middle of where the soccer goals are set up. He wonders if they can be taken out. He said they do rise up off the ground. Tolsma said if they're in the ground deep, they’ll take the top off and sod over it. Kaczanowski saw two and there might be even three.

9. ADJOURNMENT – Mason makes a motion and Palen seconds to adjourn on 8:18 p.m. All votes ayes, motion carries.

Wendy Lewin, City Clerk

Dan Tolsma, City Administrator