October 21, 2013 Council Meeting

  1. CALL TO ORDER – Mayor Reinhardt called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
  2. ROLL CALL – Sippel, Williamson, Bren, Hughes, Reinhardt
  3. INTRODUCTIONS – Mayor Reinhardt introduced the council and staff to the public.  Administrator Tolsma, Clerk Lewin, Attorney Beck, students from MWHS Government class.
  5. ADOPT AGENDAWilliamson makes a motion and Hughes seconds to adopt the agenda.  All votes ayes, motion carries.
  6. ADOPT CONSENT AGENDAHughes makes a motion and Bren seconds to adopt the consent agenda.  All votes ayes, motion carries.
    1. City Council Regular Meeting Minutes from October 7, 2013
    2. Administration Committee Minutes from October 9, 2013
    3. Planning Commission Minutes from October 9, 2013
  7. PUBLIC FORUM – No one.

Alternative Energy Ordinance Summary – Reinhardt said a lengthy alternative energy ordinance was passed and for newspaper publication a summary of the ordinance can be accepted by the council for publication.  Beck said there are two things that need to be done.  The Council needs to make a finding that the summary will clearly inform the public of the intent of the ordinance and then they approve the publication of the summary by 4/5ths vote.  Williamson moves approval of the summary ordinance for Ordinance 13-02 and Bren seconds.  Williamson said for the government students, when cities adopt ordinances they must publish in the paper the change or new ordinance.  He said in cases of lengthy ordinances they can be published in summary form instead.  Beck requests an amendment to the motion and summary of Ordinance 13-02 that it does clearly inform the public.  Williamson agrees with that amendment and Bren agrees.  Sippel asked why a copy of this can’t be posted on line.  He asked for a friendly amendment to include also posting this on the website and to make mention of this in the summary. It’s accepted with the motion maker and the secondary that this friendly amendment is accepted.  Motion, amendment and friendly amendment passes on roll vote, unanimously.  Hughes requests for the next newsletter something be added about this new ordinance.



            a.  Mayor and Council – Reinhardt said the recent article in the Lakeshore Weekly News reported that there was a plan to replace the traffic lights in Spring Park and that is not correct.  Reinhardt said there is an expansion for Metro Transit and there are workshops that the council is invited to attend. 

·         Hughes said the LMCD is now located at the old Mound City Hall. Hughes said on November 16th there is an all day seminar where young persons can get their safe boating certificate through the DNR.  He said it’s an all day class and it’s for the 12-13 year old age group.  He said the class will be held at the HC Water Patrol building in Spring Park.

·         Williamson said for the LMCC the key issue is adoption of the budget.  He said there is approval from the majority of cities of approval for the budget (nine cities).  He said it may be subject to some revision.  He said secondly there are two changes to the joint powers agreement (JPA).  One to change the votes necessary to make changes and the second to allow an opt-out on 15 months' notice if they want to leave the LMCC.  He said those JPA proposals have been approved by 10 out of the 17 cities.  He said some cities have given notice of withdrawal but four of the nine have a rescission clause.  He said at the study session will be actual impact and the strategic lay of the land if they are passed or they are not. 

    1. City Administrator – nothing.
    2. City Engineer – nothing.
    3. City Attorney – nothing.
    4. Utility Superintendent – nothing.
    1. October 23, 2013 – LMCD – 7:00 PM
    2. October 28, 2013 – Work Session – 7:00 PM
    3. November 4, 2013 – City Council – 7:30 PM
    1. Bills & Payroll – Hughes makes a motion and Sippel seconds to pay the bills.  All votes ayes, motion carries.
  4. MISCELLANEOUS (Information Only)

a.  Park Island Correspondence – Reinhardt said there is correspondence from the building inspector and the owner of the apartments.  Reinhardt said the letters are explanatory.  She said the inspector is expressing unsafe conditions and the building owners are disagreeing.  Tolsma said there is a meeting on Wednesday morning to discuss this issue.  He said it will also come to the council’s work session for discussion.  He said there is no action for the council to take at this time.  Hughes asked about the city’s responsibility regarding the complaint filed by Gorra.  Tolsma said he wanted to include it so the council is aware of this.  He said the Gorras are hoping the city council will take action to basically go over the building official's head on this.  Tolsma said Gorra was told this was unlikely. 


Williamson asked about the drain down of the water tower and it’s been scheduled and rescheduled.  He wonders if the November 6th schedule is okay with Goman regarding the cold weather.  Tolsma said he spoke with the individual who will be going into the tank to do the inspection and that person isn’t worried about the conditions and wasn’t worried about the conditions when it was canceled.  Apparently it’s quick and the draw down might keep it from freezing if it’s moving on the draw down.  Tolsma explained the inspector is from St. Germaine and the city will have there own inspector as well.


  1. ADJOURNMENTHughes makes a motion and Bren seconds to adjourn at 7:50 p.m.  All votes ayes, motion carries.