January 26, 2105, Work Session

JANUARY 26, 2015 – 7:00 PM

1. BUCO Discussion
a. Bob Kermit from NAC Planning will be in attendance to discuss if the council is willing to consider some form of a business licensing policy, commonly known as a Business Use Certificate of Occupancy (BUCO). The planning commission has been discussing the need for some sort of policy that will allow the City to better know what businesses are in Spring Park. Staff has recommended that the city council determine if they would also be in favor of a new policy before having the planning commission put in the work required to develop a new policy as it would ultimately be a waste of time for them if the council is not on the same page. Included is an example of a BUCO from the City of New Hope that is similar to what has been recommended from planning staff.

2. Park Island Apartments Discussion
a. Included for review is a memo from the City’s Building Official Scott Qualle regarding Park Island Drive Apartments. Scott notes in his memo that the proposed repairs of the garage have never been made. He is also concerned that the proposed repairs are not sufficient considering the extent of damage to the garage. To address his concerns about the condition of the garage and the appropriate scope of repairs that are needed Scott has recommended that the City hire a structural engineer to inspect the structure and provide a report of their findings. For this purpose Scott has solicited several quotes from numerous structural engineers to inspect the garage. Upon completion of the inspection the hired engineer will provide a report with a recommended scope of work for repairs if necessary.

3. Utility Superintendent Title Change
a. Utility Superintendent DJ Goman requested a title change in late 2014. His request was to rename the position to “Public Works Superintendent / Deputy Emergency Management Director”. At the December 15, 2014 council meeting the consensus of the council was to table the discussion until a work session where the council could discuss it further.