TCE Water Quality Update - Q1 2024

The City of Spring Park

Drinking Water Testing Results

Drinking Water Summary of Detect Monitoring, Spring Park, Hennepin County, PWSID 1270053

The following is a summary of results including the most recent sample(s) collected from our public water system in accordance with Minnesota Rules, Chapter 4720.  Results of contaminant(s) detected at the following sample point(s) have triggered quarterly monitoring. Monitoring will continue on a quarterly basis until the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) determines that results are reliably and consistently below the health risk limit (HRL).

Sampling Site: Treatment Plant #1

Contaminant: cis-1,2-Dichloroethene

HRL: >6.0 μg/L

Date Collected    Results          Units       Sample#       Annual Average

03/11/2024           Not Detected   µg/L         24C0513-01          0.5

10/20/2023           0.36                 µg/L         23J1098-01          0.7

08/22/2023           0.45                 µg/L         23H2301-01         1.0

05/01/2023           1.30                 µg/L         23E0055-01         1.0

Contaminant: Trichloroethene (TCE)

HRL: >0.4 μg/L

Date Collected    Results          Units      Sample#     Annual Average

03/11/2024           Not Detected   µg/L       24C0513-01           0.3

10/20/2023           0.18                 µg/L       23J1098-01           0.4

08/22/2023           0.14                 µg/L       23H2301-01          0.5

05/01/2023           0.75                 µg/L       23E0055-01          0.5