February 25, 2013 Work Session

a. Included for review is the 2013 permit application from Lord Fletcher’s for live music. Additionally, I have included the approved conditions from 2012, along with the complaints received by the Orono Police Department last summer and the results from the independent sound test the city had conducted last August. Tom Emer will possibly be in attendance to answer any questions from the council regarding their plans for live music this summer. Chief Farniok has also been invited, although it is not certain whether or not he will be able to attend yet. Both police and fire have been asked to provide feedback regarding the application. If any is received by Monday it will be presented to the council at that time. It is my assumption that the council will take action on the permit at one of the regular meetings in March after all feedback has been received and the council has had a chance to have all of their questions answered.

2. LMCC RESOLUTION OF SUPPORT 7:20 – 7:30 (Action may be taken)
a. Included is a letter and resolution of support from the LMCC. If there are any questions that Councilmember Williamson (Spring Park’s LMCC representative) can’t answer for the council staff can request more information from the LMCC after Monday night’s meeting. The council could take action of this item on Monday night if they desired or it can be on the agenda for March 4th.

a. Included for review is a planning commission application from Pete Kaczanowski. The tentative plan is to have Pete come to the council meeting on March 4th to participate in a brief interview with the council at 7:00 p.m., before the regular meeting starts at 7:30.

4. WATER TREATMENT 7:45 – 8:00
a. In December 2012 the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) notified city staff of a potential amendment to the standards governing municipal water contaminants. The MDH also informed staff that depending on how the new regulations were written the city may need to address any contaminants that exceed the new standards. Since that time the city has not been notified of any changes being made to the standards and no further follow up inspections have been performed by the MDH. The council may simply wish to await further notice from the MDH regarding water contaminants or seek to proactively conduct some independent water sampling to get baseline information for the current quality of the city’s water.

a. Bills & Payroll (Action Needed)
b. MWCD Cost Share Grants Information