October 16, 2017 Work Session Minutes

OCTOBER 16, 2017 – 6:00 PM

CALL TO ORDER - The work session was called to order by Mayor Rockvam at 6:01 p.m.

Council Members Present: Jerry Rockvam, Mayor; Pamela Horton; Gary Hughes; Catherine Kane Palen, and Megan Pavot

Staff Present: Dan Tolsma, City Administrator; Mike Kuno; City Engineer; Nancy Jensen Beck, City Attorney; and Theresa Schyma, City Clerk.

1. ASSET MANAGEMENT REPORT DISCUSSION – City Engineer Kuno presented the draft asset management plan. He stated that tonight’s discussion is a high-level overview of the plan; he asked the Council to review the draft plan and come back with questions so that a more in-depth discussion can occur at a future work session.

City Engineer Kuno discussed the map that details the City’s water main break history by location and year.

City Engineer Kuno stated that he will provide the Council with a feasibility report and potential phasing plan for the Shoreline Drive and Interlachen Road projects in early November.

2. POLICE CONTRACT DISCUSSION – City Administrator Tolsma presented a brief summary of the proposed contract with the City of Orono for police services.

Police Chief Farniok discussed the proposed contract with City Attorney Jensen Beck’s recommended revisions.

City Attorney Jensen Beck stated that she prepared the revisions to consider what contract language would be in the best interest of Spring Park. When looking at the language for the initial contract length of five years and renewal period of five years; it is in the City of Orono’s best interest for longer initial contract and renewal period. It is not a legal issue but a shorter renewal period provides Spring Park more flexibility.

Mayor Rockvam stated that the City has received excellent service from the Orono Police Department and doesn’t want that to change.

Council Member Pavot added that she is also happy with the level of service the City has received but believes City Attorney Jensen Beck’s suggestions should be considered.

The City Council consensus was to amend the contract language to an initial five year contract with two year renewal period.

Police Chief Farniok discussed the reasoning for the language regarding union wage increases. He also stated that language was removed in the “services provided” section of the contract to update and remove services that the police department doesn’t actually provide anymore.

The City Council consensus was in agreement with Police Chief Farniok regarding the union wage increase language and updating the “services provided” language in the contract.

Mayor Rockvam suggested that City Administrator Tolsma and City Attorney Jensen Beck continue discussions on the final details with Police Chief Farniok and the Orono City Attorney to bring a new contract back to the City Council for consideration at a regular meeting.

3. SUPER BOWL SPECIAL EVENTS DISCUSSION – Police Chief Farniok briefly discussed some proposed Super Bowl special events that are still in the early stages of planning but it appears these multi-day events may impact the lake communities including Spring Park. He continued that some of the areas of concern that need to be addressed with these large scale special events are safety and security, emergency and evacuation, secondary location if ice conditions are not adequate, traffic, parking, and the impact on local residents. He asked the City Council if there were any concerns they specifically wanted him to address with the event planners in his discussions with them.

Mayor Rockvam questioned if the current special event application process and fee would cover the cost of staff time.

City Attorney Jensen Beck stated that the current special event fee is pretty modest.

Police Chief Farniok stated that cost of staff time could be factored in his discussions with event planners.


5. ADJOURN – The work session was adjourned by unanimous consent at 7:04 p.m.

Date Approved: November 6, 2017

Theresa Schyma, City Clerk

Dan Tolsma, City Administrator