July 12, 2017 Planning Minutes

JULY 12, 2017 – 7:00 PM

1. CALL TO ORDER - The meeting was called to order by Chair Hoffman at 7:02 p.m.

2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Chair Hoffman led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance.


Planning Commissioners Present: Jeff Hoffman, Chair; Michael Mason; and Max Avalos.

Planning Commissioners Absent: Pete Kaczanowski and Bruce Homan.

Staff Present: Dan Tolsma, City Administrator; Al Brixius, City Planner; and Theresa Schyma, City Clerk.

Others Present: Catherine Kane Palen, City Council Member/Planning Commission Ex-Officio


M/Mason, S/Avalos to approve the agenda.

Motion carried 3-0.

a. Planning Commission Meeting Minutes from June 14, 2017

M/Avalos, S/Mason to approve the minutes.

Motion carried 3-0.

a. Continuation of Outdoor Storage Public Hearing from May 10, 2017– Chair Hoffman detailed the procedures for the public hearing.

City Planner Brixius presented a brief summary and history of the proposed ordinances. He detailed the changes to the draft ordinance that occurred after receiving public comments at the May 10, 2017 Planning Commission Meeting during the public hearing.

i. Open Public Hearing

M/Hoffman, S/Mason to continue the public hearing at 7:14.

Motion carried 3-0.

Edgar Anderson and Anne Otto, 2 Shoreline Place and 4 Shoreline Place (Shoreline Place Condos), questioned the street side setback requirement of 20 feet for all docks and boat lifts. They have 22 feet from structure to curb and the way their dock sections are stacked would exceed the new requirement. They further explained that even if they take out a row of bushes that were planted for aesthetics they still would not be able to meet the requirement. Furthermore, they questioned the dock storage maximum height of four feet.

Commissioner Mason suggested for them to ask the owners of Tonka Grill to store their items in the underground garage since they are not busy in the winter and it wouldn’t take up much space.

Ms. Otto replied that they would need permission since it is not their ramp and would take away from the available parking at the business.

City Planner Brixius responded that he will look at options that are available.

Mr. Anderson stated they are in a unique situation because they don’t have a front or a back yard and do their best to make it presentable nine months out of the year.

Steve Erickson, 4367 Shoreline Drive, commented on the difficulty of storing items on his property due to the unique layout of his lot, questioned the setback requirement, and asked for clarification on the difference between lakeside and rear yard storage. He further questioned if commercial properties were going to be held to the same standards as residential properties.

Chair Hoffman responded that changes to the ordinances regarding commercial properties will be discussed at a later time.

City Planner Brixius responded that the 20 foot setback requirement was decided after considering that, in most cases, the right of way is 16 feet.

Mr. Erickson asked what type of material he should use to screen and shelter his snowmobiles and boats if hoop houses are no longer allowed in Spring Park. He inquired if everything would be covered in blue tarps since the only other option is a permanent structure.

Chair Hoffman responded that the Planning Commission looked at the hoop house issue from an aesthetics and structure safety point of view. Hoop houses are temporary structures but they are being used in Spring Park as permanent structures. Also, he added that there have been complaints from residents who believe that hoop houses are visually unappealing.

City Planner Brixius detailed the differences between lakeside and rear yard storage.

City Administrator Tolsma announced that one written comment was received from Robert & Candace Keskitalo, 4341 Channel Road, prior to the public hearing that was forwarded to the Planning Commission.

ii. Discussion – Chair Hoffman detailed the next steps in the process regarding the outdoor storage and nuisance ordinances.

iii. Close Public Hearing

M/Avalos, S/Mason to close the public hearing at 7:30 p.m.

Motion carried 3-0.

iv. Recommendation to Council

M/Mason, S/Avalos to table the item until the next Planning Commission Meeting.

Motion approved 3-0.

b. 4372 West Arm Road East Variance Application – City Planner Brixius presented a PowerPoint and summary of Variance Application 17-01 VAR including a history of the property.

Commissioner Mason asked how far the fence would be setback from the curb.

City Planner Brixius stated that he has recommended 15 feet but that the applicant is requesting five feet.

Robert Hackney, applicant at 4372 West Arm Road East, responded that he would prefer to take the fence as close to the traditional five foot setback that is allowed for six foot fences. He added that there are several houses on the street that have garages within six feet of the curb and also a house that has shrubs going directly up to the street.

City Planner Brixius discussed compromising to a 10 foot setback from the street for visibility concerns and requiring the applicant to demonstrate that the fence location will not interfere with utility easements and poles.

i. Open Public Hearing

M/Avalos, S/Mason to open the public hearing at 7:48.

Motion carried 3-0.

ii. Discussion – Chair Hoffman stated that a 10 foot setback from the street was a good compromise for visibility concerns.

iii. Close Public Hearing

M/Mason, S/Avalos to close the public hearing at 7:49 p.m.

Motion carried 3-0.

iv. Recommendation to Council

M/Avalos, S/Kaczanowski to recommend to the City Council to approve a resolution for Variance Application 17-01 VAR to build an 8 foot high fence at 4372 West Arm Road East as presented in the Planning Report dated July 5, 2017 and further amended to include a 10 foot setback from the street for visibility concerns and requiring the applicant to demonstrate that the fence location will not interfere with utility easements and poles.

Motion approved 3-0.




M/Mason, S/Avalos adjourn the Planning Commission Meeting at 7:54 p.m.

Motion carried 3-0.

Date Approved: August 9, 2017

Theresa Schyma, City Clerk

Dan Tolsma, City Administrator