Records & Data Practices

All city information – including public meeting agendas and minutes, legal notices, crime alerts publications and more – is public unless otherwise classified by a specific statutory designation. Our data practices procedures were adopted to comply with Minnesota Data Practices Act requirements.

The city clerk serves as the responsible authority and data practices compliance officer, and other city employees are designated to assist.

To submit a records request, ask questions or learn more, contact the City Clerk, Jamie Hoffman.

Use the sections below to learn more about city records and data practices. 

Anyone has the right to inspect and copy public data and have the data explained. Here's how to request records and data:

How to Request Records and Data

  • Data requests may be submitted online or in writing to Jamie Hoffman, City Clerk.
  • The person making the request is not required to provide their name or a reason for the request.
  • We may ask you to provide certain identifying or clarifying information for the sole purpose of facilitating access to the data.

City Response

  • We may provide information by email at our discretion.
  • We are not required to provide information verbally over the phone.
  • We are not required to provide information in any specific format, except data will be provided electronically if maintained and requested in that format. 
  • Copies must be supplied as soon as reasonably possible.


  • Fees may be charged for copies of data according to the city's standard photocopying policy.
  • If significant time is required, the fee may include the cost of preparing and copying or transmitting the data.
  • The fee will no include time needed to separate public from non-public data.