March 23, 2015 Work Session




MARCH 23, 2015 – 7:00 PM


Attendance: Bren, Horton, Williamson, Hughes, Tolsma, Beck, Lewin, Brough.


  1. Water Patrol Improvements Discussion
    1. Tony Brough from Hennepin County will be at the meeting to discuss proposed improvements at the water patrol area, including a dynamic sign.

Brough said he is senior environmentalist for Hennepin County Public Works.  He said he handles the lake improvement program, navigational hazards, buoys, fishing areas and two public accesses.  Brough said Spring Park’s access had asphalt that is breaking up but the project has downsized due to costs.  He said what will happen before Memorial weekend is a mill and overlay of the asphalt from the Water Patrol parking lot going east.  He said the curbing will be reformed and a new aquatic invasive species sign will be installed. He said a streetlight will be added and electricity for new and future items will be installed.  Brought said the ADA will be moved to the east end, the access will be done in concrete, a tree planter on the west side of the access, a cement swale will be installed, Porta Potty, a dumpster and recycling receptacles will be placed, but a concrete pad with up-lighting had to be discarded due to pricing.  Brough said the rip rap has already been done.  He said there was supposed to be a sidewalk and some plantings but it’s been delayed for now, consideration has been given to the townhomes who don’t want their views blocked.  He said where the lilacs are now they’re going to have curbcuts at three inlets and then by the access there will be an outlet. 


Brough said the programmable sign will be a future install.  He said Save the Lake is going to contribute money, as well as Emergency Management.  He thinks they can all partner with Spring Park and also some additional state money.  Brough said there are two options, one is 5x10, 16 mm full color, similar to a Holiday Gas station sign at $40,000.  There is a 12-15 year life span, fully powered at all times.  The other option is a 4x6, 10 mm at $52,600.  He said it’s the best resolution.  Brough said for visibility up by the road, the bigger sign is better.  The other sign can be viewed at Cargill, 15407 McGinty Road West.  He said that sign is 3x7, 10 mm resolution.  Hughes said when the streetlights were discussed they talked about various community signs.  He prefers to use community sign terminology instead of bake sale.  He said the Historical Society, schools and the education of the lake would use this sign.  He said the ordinance can be changed to make this fit.  Horton wonders if size dictates brightness and Hughes said no.  Brough said eastbound drivers would see the sign but westbound traffic would not.


  1. Council Appointment Discussion (Action May Be Taken)
    1. The council will discuss the applicant interviews conducted on 3/16. If a consensus is reached an appointment may be made during the work session meeting. If a 2-2 tie occurs, the Mayor has the authority to appoint. –

Williamson asked for casual observations from the council.  Bren asked about Norina Dove and if there was anything besides the fact that she resigned.  Williamson said there were attendance issues and there is indication her work schedule and her life have changed to be more accommodating.  Tolsma said Skramstad has withdrawn due to his winter schedule.  Tolsma called for a paper ballot and Megan Pavot received votes 3-1.  Williamson makes a motion to appoint Megan Pavot to the council vacancy and Horton seconds.  All votes ayes, motion carries unanimously.  Beck recommends Tolsma contact Pavot and get her necessary  materials.  She also said to contact Dove to inform her of the appointment of Pavot.  Williamson also recommends “On boarding” be done in order to acquaint Pavot with city hall. 


  1. Early Voting Discussion
    1. The first attachment is a memo from the League of Minnesota Cities explaining the background of the issue and expressing a desire to have cities support new legislation in favor of early voting as opposed to the continuation of the current method of no-excuse absentee voting. The second attachment is a diagram showing how the current system (no-excuse absentee voting) works. The third attachment is a diagram showing how the proposed (early voting) system would work. The final attachment is a sample resolution for cities that are in favor of switching to the early voting system. –

Williamson said the League of Cities has put out to Mayors to request councils to adopt resolution in support of early voting.   Lewin explained there are a lot of unknowns and she hoped there would be more information at the clerks conference and there was none.  She felt there wasn’t a lot of information yet about early voting but it offers complications, mostly due to staffing and related costs.  It’s decided to offer no response to the League, therefore no response being lack of support.




    1. Fire Department Press Release -
    2. Emergency Medical Response –

Hughes said he went to the fire station today to discuss categories to a medical emergency.  He said Mound Fire has ten emergencies in which automatically starting Mound Fire can make a difference. He said on May 16, 2007, for Spring Park this number was taken down to six instead of ten.  He is concerned about this reduction in response.  Hughes believes that if an unconscious person is found, police will be summoned and police will make the call whether to page out fire.  Williamson seems to think all police carry defibs in their squads.  Hughes is concerned why Mound still remains at ten and Spring Park is at six.  Hughes said he feels the residents of Spring Park are being cheated because everyone pays the same.  Williamson said on the autostarts, Spring Park agreed with the Orono Police proposition based on what they could do best and most effectively.  Hughes is upset that this has changed.  Williamson explained the police response is best because they can get there so quick.  Once fire arrives, police turn it over to the fire department because they are better trained.  Horton is concerned about the unconscious response being scratched off the list.  Hughes thinks the money being spent from taxpayer dollars will not be dramatically different if this is increased to ten again.  Bren wonders why it always comes down to money.  She paid taxes and feels she should have certain services.  She also wonders why when Spring Park is going outside for all these services, why we don’t just combine with Orono. Williamson thinks Farniok should re-explain this.    

    1. Norina Dove’s email sent today regarding a community committee.


Meeting adjourned at 8:54 p.m.                                         ____________________________

                                                                                                Wendy Lewin, City Clerk

______________________Dan Tolsma, Administrator