October 26, 2015, Work Session Minutes

OCTOBER 26, 2015 – 7:00 PM
Attendance: Police Chief Farniok, Building Official Scott Qualle, Attorney Beck, Administrator Tolsma, Clerk Lewin, Mayor Williamson, Council members Bren, Horton, Hughes, Pavot.

a. Orono Police Chief Correy Farniok (who also serves as the City of Spring Park’s Emergency Management Director) will be in attendance to discuss an update to the Lake Area Emergency Management Plan. The updated plan is required to be adopted by the City by the end of 2015. Correy will also briefly discuss the responsibilities of City Council & Staff during an emergency event. Due to the length of the full plan only the introductory chapter is included in the packet. However, the entire document can be viewed on the included disk.
Farniok said the major changes are the state added three categories: domestic and exotic animals, terrorism and volunteer management. H said Hennepin County requires this be approved by resolution. Farniok said when there is an event, the manual is the guiding document. He said they are using this even with smaller events such as traffic accidents in order to be familiar with the process.

Farniok goes through a PowerPoint presentation. Williamson wonders about triggers for elected officials’ participation. Farniok said the point of contact should be pushing information out as quick as they get it in order to keep everyone informed. Tolsma said he has a full copy of the plan that he will keep in his office if anyone wants to look at it in detail.

a. Nancy Beck and Scott Qualle will both be in attendance to discuss the updated fee schedule ordinance. Scott will give the council a detailed breakdown of the building fee changes.
Williamson said this has been discussed several times. He said this is changing to an ordinance format from a resolution format. He said some numbers changed and mostly in building inspections. Beck said she put section references in the actual schedule and references to the building code. Hughes wonders about maintenance fees and what is the difference between that and an actual building permit. Qualle explained maintenance permits are re-roof, reside, rewindow and door. Hughes is concerned about asking residents to pay for something that does not require a permit according to who he’s talked to. Qualle goes through the changes to the fee schedule.

Williamson is interested in an update of Park Island Apartments. He wants a perspective on where this is at and how it got there. Qualle said an engineer essentially signed off and verified the structure was okay. Qualle said he and Beck felt the onus is now on the engineer and they are satisfied. Williamson wondered about the engineer that the city approved. Beck explained the owner would not allow it and she felt the city would have been sued and it would have been very expensive. She said she believed the questions raised by the building inspector were answered by their engineer and they met the minimum requirements. Beck feels a licensed professional staked his reputation that the building was safe.

Williamson suggests meeting in November and canceling December’s. Tolsma agrees. Pavot would miss the December meeting and Bren will be missing the November.

• Williamson wondered about the WeCan contract and Tolsma said it is on the agenda for the staff meeting. Williamson said this is loosely based on the Gillespie Center agreement and essentially needs to be invoiced for Spring Park's support.
• Beck said this has to do with the West Arm Rd East special assessment and the notice of hearing. Beck said she reviewed the hearing notice and there is a reference to deferral of special assessments. Beck said the city does not have a policy of deferral. She thinks the city would want to have one. Beck is asking the council if they want a deferral of special assessments of financial hardship or disability. She said there needs to be guidelines for such. Williamson said this is just a deferment, not a waiver. Hughes wonders about the statement “each owner of the property” and he wonders about jointly held. Beck said this is based on how the property is titled; if held jointly, it would be both. It’s agreed the council is interested in providing a deferment. Williamson wants this to apply for special assessments going forward and this will be a policy.

a. November Channels 8 & 20 Schedules
b. September Financial Report
c. LMCC A/V Support Program

Adjourn 9:46 p.m.