September 28, 2015, Work Session

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015 – 7:00 PM
Present: Jim Brimeyer, Administrator Tolsma, Clerk Lewin, Mayor Williamson, Council Members Bren, Horton, Hughes, Pavot, Commissioner Mason

a. Brimeyer is preparing a presentation for Monday night. The presentation will focus on some basic follow up questions about the top priorities that came out of the session last month (i.e. Why is this a priority? What is the risk of not taking action on this priority? What should be done in the next year to make this priority a reality? What are strategies to help implement this priority? Etc.)
(Brimeyer to recap this meeting with his notes. The following is loosely taken notes by the City Clerk to supplement Brimeyer's findings.)

Regarding discussion about upgrading water/sewer infrastructure/rates: Hughes believes it should be separated out and conservation rates need to be analyzed whether it’s working for or against the city. Hughes said there was a rate structure and he wonders if that needs to be reanalyzed. Pavot is concerned about commercial water rates being charged to multi housing at the higher rate. Hughes wonders about slip-lining the sewer and Brimeyer reminds not to get away from the topic but Hughes doesn’t want to lose the specific priorities of what needs to be done. Williamson states televising is being done and they can examine the results when the diagnosis comes back. Brimeyer states a timeline needs to be set.

Regarding a windshield study performed on roads and ranked: Hughes said some roads need redo but some roads don’t have a lot of traffic. Hughes said he’s aware of a local city that won’t allow a rebuild involving tearing up a new road within five years. Bren wondered whether there is proposed construction then that’s a reason to not do a road project? Hughes said no, there’s just a potential for constant repair to new roads. Williamson thinks the character and appearance of the street matters and perhaps drainage, if they don’t increase to 20 feet. He said an easier solution if the street is working maybe to keep it at a 15 foot street width. Bren is concerned about money being stockpiled and not being spent to benefit the taxpayers that paid the taxes. Hughes reminds to consider the televising of the sewer lines and the diagnosis as it may affect street repair. Williamson wants to manage the water and where it flows.

Regarding City Hall Files: Horton wonders about storage off site but it's decided that off-site would be difficult as retrieval is usually immediate. Pavot believes storage on a cloud is most beneficial, especially in light of the clerk’s retirement and the replacement to be able to search digitalized files.

Regarding Chronic Problem Properties: Hughes wonders about a rental ordinance due to nuisance properties within the city. Williamson said all cities go through this. He said sometimes it’s difficult to pursue and not cost effective. Health and safety properties need to be pursued but eclectic choices of decoration should be allowed. Williamson said the issue needs to be defined whether it’s building code, fire code, safety.

Regarding Water quality - What are practical alternatives and what’s best for the environment: Pavot recommends looking for unique ideas that other communities do. Hughes thinks as sidewalks are improved the runoff goes to the appropriate collection spot versus deteriorating boulevards and plantings. Brimeyer is looking for a timeline and Williamson is concerned there is too much loading of the fourth quarter 2015. Hughes thinks if there is a consultant brought on for a street/utilities study, runoff can be a component. Tolsma says what he’s hearing is a feasibility report like what the engineers produce showing all facets. Pavot thinks when a road study is done for potential upgrade, all components are researched. Williamson states the county has to be considered as they would be involved due to their county roads that intersect the city. He said all utilities are not in the roads; some run through yards.

a. See included email exchange between City staff and Republic Recycling Services regarding several questions the Council had about apartment recycling.
Pavot said Bayview has added a larger dumpster and thinks an additional day for pickup might help with overload. Williamson thinks if this is explored, perhaps a subsidy from the city could be considered. It's discussed that a subsidy could perhaps not go to where it's intended and instead benefit the property owner.

a. October Channels 8 & 20 Schedules
b. August Fire Department Report

Tolsma said televising was started today and should be finished by Wednesday or Thursday and that will complete the system. Tolsma said there is a new building going on West Arm West, the John Perry residence (4516 West Arm Rd). He said it’s a detached structure being built by the lake. The proposal complies with the code and does not need a variance. He said it will contentious.

Hughes said the LMCD has starry stonewart, an invasive species found in Lake Koronis in Paynseville, MN.

Meeting adjourned, 9:15 p.m.