November 23, 2015, Council Work Session

NOVEMBER 23, 2015 – 7:00 PM
Attendance: Engineer Paul Pearson, Commissioner Mason, Catherine Palen, Barb Ward.

a. Attached is a detailed plan of the alternate storm sewer plan developed by the City’s Engineer Paul Pearson. Paul will be in attendance to give the council an overview of the plan and answer any questions from the Council.
Williamson said this is an alternate plan from Lord Fletcher’s swale. He said this would relieve backup water flow. Pearson said at the public meetings they’ve had an illustration they’ve worked with so he'll use that tonight. Pearson said the original design was a drainage swale or a storm sewer to the lake. He said there were discussions with Lord Fletcher’s Apartments and they wanted a different placement but it would have required removal of a fence. Pearson said Tolsma had many discussions with Lord Fletcher’s and it was always difficult. He said they started talking about an alternative to extending the storm sewer to the lake. Pearson said a plan was developed. He said the pipe distance is approximately the same as what was proposed for Fletcher’s. He said they would be tying into the existing pipe and going between the two structures. The property owner, Barb Ward, was planning on reconstructing her patio area so, the proposed design is accommodating.

Pearson said when looking at the depth of the storm sewer, the elevation is a 929 at the end of the pipe. The elevation of the lake is 928.74. Highest elevation recorded this year on the lake was 929.31. He said the lake was up about five inches because of the rain and the dam will be opened to drain it down some. Williamson said there have been some flowage problems at Wilkes Park when the lake is high and it back flows. He wonders about stopping this. Pearson said if there is a 10 or 12 inch rainfall event in 24 hours it is a 500 year event. There is an emergency overflow system so water can overflow the top of the curb before it goes into the properties and it goes into a channel. He said they’ve allowed for a catch basin structure and there is an opening on the north side. He said typical rain fall will go through the 15” PVC. When there are heavy rain falls, it will go through the side of the catch basin.

Hughes wonders about rainfall in the new retention pond. Pearson said in case of a 10” rainfall, the water can drain through the overflow and drain to the north. Horton wonders if there could be too much water and Pearson said no, this pipe will carry a ten year storm event. Williamson said the retention pond will hold some water. Palen wonders about flooding the streets during these rain events and Pearson said it will not flood the street as it’s designed not to. Williamson is concerned that the drop is so miniscule and if the ground shifts at all, it interrupts the direction of flow. Pearson said there is minimum slope required for 15” pipe. He said there is about a foot drop and it’s more than adequate. Hughes wonders about accumulated sand and Pearson explained there is a sump sapple baffle that allows sediment to settle. Hydraulic head condition will be check by Pearson to address Ward’s concerns. Pearson said this design has been reviewed at a staff meeting along with the building inspector and it’s been said it’s a good design.

Pearson said he feels good about the design and believes it is a good solution. Palen wonders if the city has responsibility to talk to property owner Kilby and Tolsma said he is reviewing a temporary construction easement. A meeting has also been requested. Pavot said the last time they had this conversation, she wonders how this is better than what was originally proposed. Pearson said an easement is not going to be easily obtained from LF.

Williamson asked about a time table and Pearson said he is hoping to get it done this fall. He said bituminous plants typically close around Thanksgiving. He suggests Goman call around for asphalt patch. Tolsma said draft easements are out to the residents affected. Tolsma thinks this looks more like a spring project and the focus is to get the water out of the area to prevent frost heaves. Pavot is a little concerned about maintenance but Tolsma said this has been designed in such a way as it doesn’t get much better. Mason said there are culverts on the south side of Shoreline Drive by the launch and debris backs up into the culverts. Pearson said concrete pipe can have a flared end with a trash guard but those guards are used for 18” pipe and larger for safety of kids. He said this is a 15” pipe so a flared end is not required. He doesn’t think a flared end is warranted.

Williamson is looking for a timeline, maybe working backward. Pearson said this is not being assessed, it is a city project. He said this is being done separate from the West Arm Road east. He said $25000 - $100,000 requires two quotes but doesn’t have to be bid. Pearson estimates it coming in between so two quotes will be necessary. Pearson said this can be broken up and Beck’s opinion is it can be treated as different components. Tolsma thinks it might be better as one project thereby requiring two quotes. Pearson said engineer costs typically are about 25% of the project but he doesn’t believe this will be the case as topographic work has already been done. He said the cost estimate for the work comes in around $50,000. He said the numbers need to be checked but he thinks it’s in order. Williamson wants a bottom line project cost. Pearson said he’s estimating $50,000 but it depends upon the bids. Williamson said the LF quote was around $90,000 and didn’t include the easement. Williamson just wants it noted that this is less than what was initially proposed. Hughes wonders how long this is going to take. Pearson guesses for the pipe installation about a week, then to repair driveways and put in sod, so a total of two to three weeks.

Williamson wonders if a motion should be made at the next meeting for a concept approval. Tolsma said tonight’s work was to see if there was an interest by the council. He said it sounds like there is interest to move this forward so he’s looking for direction also. Pearson said the design is done so now it’s legal easements and looking at contractors. Williamson said the key thing is to authorize this to go forward.

Williamson asked Pearson if he has been involved in updating the street condition study. Pearson said it has been updated as part of the West Arm Rd project. Williamson said he is interested in this because of future CIP planning.

Pearson said Mike Kuno will be stepping in for him after the first of the year. Pearson will be working part-time as he phases in retirement. Pearson proposes Kuno comes to the January work session in order to meet and chat.

a. Attached for review is the most recent update of the 2016 budget. This latest version includes a levy amount of $1,007,992, which is a .94% increase from the 2015 levy of $998,620. An updated version of the capital improvement plan is also included for review.
Williamson said there are some modest changes and he said the issue in front of the council in December is to approve the budget and certify the levy. He said the real issue is the bottom line and the grand totals. Hughes asked what was the levy last year and Tolsma said $998,620. He said this year it's at $1,00,079,92. Williamson said snowplowing is always difficult to predict. Tolsma said the whole budget can be gleaned from paragraph 3. Tolsma feels comfortable that they are tracking right on. Hughes asked about the rental contracts for the water tower and wonders if they are up for renegotiation. Tolsma said he’ll put together a comprehensive report on the contracts the city has. Tolsma said if there is something not on the CIP, he would like to know. He said the top two items can be crossed off as they are finished. He said there are seven listed for 2016. Hughes asked about sidewalk repair. Tolsma explained what’s on the CIP is if the city ever takes on a larger project other than annual sidewalk maintenance. Hughes asked about streetlight LED conversion and Tolsma confirmed this is to finish the conversion on the county roads. Williamson said it might be worthwhile to get a quote for Sunset Drive. Pavot is interested in keeping the community gardens alive. She’s looking at grants available. Williamson thinks a concept should be developed. Williamson wants to use the goals and priorities set by Jim Brimeyer’s session to go forward on the CIP. Hughes wonders about the transition with the retirement and elections and whether Lewin will be crossing over or overlap.

a. Attached is the City Code section on dock licensing, as well as the annual permit notice and application that is sent out to R-3 properties at the beginning of every year.
Williamson believes there needs to be proportionality and not just a flat fee for everyone. He also said there needs to be some spot checking of the docks. He said he believes docks should be limited. Hughes has some code language on docks from the LMCD. He suggests the council read through the handout.


5. MISCELLANEOUS – Hughes reads an email regarding the Superfund site at West Arm Townhomes.


Adjourned the meeting 10:15 p.m.