July 11, 2012 Planning Commission Minutes

1. CALL TO ORDER – Chair Hoffman called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m.


3. ROLL CALL – Mason, Sippel, Ericson, Hoffman, Erickson and Struck excused.

4. ADOPT AGENDA – Sippel makes a motion and Mason seconded to adopt the agenda. Ericson wants to add under Misc an item about trail signs. All votes ayes, motion carries.

5. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Ericson makes a motion and Mason seconds to approve the minutes. All votes ayes, motion carries.
a. Planning Commission Meeting Minutes from June 13, 2012

a. Shoreline Boulevard Landscaping Ordinance – Brixius said on June 13 meeting there were some suggested changes. There wasn’t a formal plan but a street beautification plan was adopted. Brixius said it is now a formal plan of the city. He said there is a landscape provision and it pertains to maintenance requirements. Ericson asked if the landscape plan could be modified if a new business with a new curb cut was added. Brixius confirmed. Sippel asked if there are trees as small as eight feet. Brixius said there are some that have failed to thrive since they’ve been planted. Mason asked if tagged trees are part of the beautification plan and Brixius stated they were.
i. Open Public Hearing – Hoffman opens the hearing at 7:10 p.m. No one in attendance and nothing written received.
ii. Comments
iii. Close Public Hearing – Hoffman closes the meeting at 7:11. Sippel makes a motion and Ericson seconds to close the public hearing. All votes ayes, motion carries.
iv. Recommendation to Council – Ericson makes a motion and Sippel seconds to recommend to the council the Shoreline Boulevard Landscape Ordinance. Mason suggests the boulevard property owners be notified so they are informed and there are no future problems. Hoffman wondered if they should be notified or a copy sent to them. Mason said whatever works but they should be notified. Tolsma said it can be done. Mason said every effort should be made to maintain the established arbor of trees. All votes ayes, motion carries.
b. Certified Auto Update – Brixius said the city has a beatification project to improve the appearance along Shoreline Drive. He said funds have been identified to assist Certified Auto with for some plantings to be placed on the west side of the retention pond. He said the intent is to improve the esthetics and plants would be low maintenance and hardy to endure the weather and soil content. It also must be able to endure snow storage. Brixius said the owner is receptive to the landscape suggestions. Brixius displayed a landscape plan and suggested plantings. Brixius said the next step is to present this plan to the property owner. Brixius said the only concern he foresees is vegetation that grows too high. He said an agreement will be drafted for the property owner’s signature. Ericson asked about the maintenance. Brixius said as part of the street program the city has a maintenance program. Sippel asked if this will be added to the newly adopted plan and Brixius confirmed. Sippel asked about the previous landscape plan for rebuilding after his redevelopment. Brixius said there was a plan but the plants did not survive and they weren’t replaced. Mason asked about costs to the property owner and Brixius said the city is going to respond to this. Hoffman asked about snow storage and is concerned about plowing and pushing snow into that area. Brixius said that might be good to be added to the letter of understanding. Mason asked about the basin and Brixius said the basin will be kept open . Sippel asked if there is something that drains into or out of the basin and Brixius said he believes it’s for runoff. Sippel is concerned about land-locking the basin and rotting vegetation building up around the perimeter and he suggests there be a drain. Mason asked if this will be contoured or sculpted. Brixius said no, it’s going to be plantings. Mason asked about a provision if there is damage to the plantings who replaces it. Brixius said in the letter of understanding that will be drafted, this will be explained. Sippel said what’s key is this be tied to the Shoreline Beautification plan.

a. City Council Minutes – June 18, 2012
b. Work Session Minutes – June 25, 2012
c. Draft City Council Minutes – July 2, 2012

a. August Calendar
b. Dan’s Dispatch from June 29th – Mason said thanks for the information.
Widmer said Coffee Cove had a lot of debris removed according to what was on the barge. She said she spoke with a neighboring property owner and they are pleased. Ericson wondered about the Cummings generator parked outside Lord Fletcher’s restaurant.

Ericson wants to talk about signs on the trail. He said he was at the Minnetonka Drive-in and parallel with the trail there is a wood fence and there are two signs displayed. He said one has Pedal Wild and the other is Mound Hardware. Widmer wondered about the recent banners on the light poles that advertise businesses that are not in Spring Park. Brixius said he doesn’t think there is regulation of banners that are sponsored by businesses.

9. ADJOURNMENT – Ericson makes a motion and Mason seconded to adjourn the meeting at 7:37 p.m. All votes ayes, motion carries.