May 7, 2012 Council Meeting

1. CALL TO ORDER – Mayor Reinhardt called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.
2. ROLL CALL – Stone, Williamson, Hughes, Widmer, Reinhardt.
3. INTRODUCTIONS – Mayor Reinhardt introduced the council and staff to the viewing public. Administrator Tolsma, Clerk Lewin, Attorney Beck, Celebrate Greater Mound Representative Bill Tyler and Tour de Tonka representative Litfin.
5. ADOPT AGENDA – Williamson makes a motion and Hughes seconds to adopt the agenda. All votes ayes, motion carries.
a. City Council Meeting Minutes from April 16, 2012
b. Accept Administration Committee Minutes from April 18, 2012
c. City Council Work Session Minutes from April 23, 2012
d. City Council Special Meeting Minutes from April 27, 2012
Beck has revisions to a portion of the April 16th minutes and she suggests to remove item a. and bring it back to the next meeting. Stone makes a motion and Widmer seconds to adopt the consent agenda except for item a. All votes ayes, motion carries. Williamson said on the work session minutes under technical discussions GasB should be GASB.
7. PUBLIC FORUM – No one.
a. Bill Tyler – CGM Banners - Reinhardt said there are some documents in the packet showing the banners and a schedule for putting them up and taking them down. Tyler said there are different sized banners with Spring Park being the largest. Tyler said they were looking for banners that were more legible and would pop for visual effect. Widmer asked about the signs being sponsored by businesses and wondered if there will be a requirement for a certain number. Widmer wondered what would happen if there weren’t enough businesses that wanted a buy in. Tyler said they have found there should be a good subscription rate. Widmer asked about the cloth weight. Tyler said they’ll be double ply vinyl fabric and there will be a one year warranty. Widmer said one of the previous problems was that they were heavy and the wind was hard on the brackets. Tyler said they’re going to have one made up and will test it but it will be in Mound. Reinhardt said there is hope Spring Park businesses will support this but there is a possibility there might be businesses outside of Spring Park and Tyler confirmed. Reinhardt wondered about conflicts with businesses. Hughes said as an example if Certified Auto purchased a banner would it be placed in front of their actual business or could a competitor end up in front. Tyler said the banner placement is up to the City of Spring Park. Mound is going to fill from a central area out so there aren’t gaps. Hughes is concerned about the wordage on the signs. Reinhardt said the top of the sign will always say Spring Park and then the business will be below. Reinhardt said the banners could be put up in Spring Park after the 4th of July to coordinate with the removal of the flags. Tyler said Orono has the same issue and they’ve used Wayzata’s boom truck. Williamson said it’s not only the vehicle, it’s the man power. He wonders about a contract or letter of understanding for managing this. Hughes is concerned about the heavy weight and a windstorm bending the brackets. Tyler said the pricing will be finalized tomorrow. They think for members it will be around $100. Williamson asked the formal name of the organization and Tyler said it’s Celebrate Greater Mound. He said it’s made up of Navarre, Spring Park, Mound, Minnetrista and St. Boni. Widmer would like the city administrator and superintendent to look at the sample banner when it’s ready. Reinhardt is concerned about this taking longer. She would like to see this voted on tonight in order to keep this moving. Williamson said it’s not necessary to have a legal contract drawn up but there seems to be the need for an understanding as to responsibilities. Hughes makes a motion and Williamson seconds to proceed with the assumption that there will be a letter of understanding outlining the mechanics. Tolsma wants more direction on the letter of understanding. Reinhardt said something regarding the hanging and the care. Tolsma said the concern is one fails and it’s the expense and labor of repairing the failed banner. Williamson said there is an admin meeting this week and there could be a set of proposed subjects and work from there. Tyler would like to see what is drawn up. Four votes ayes, one vote opposed (Stone). Stone said she’s concerned because the past banners did not hold up to the weather.

b. Tim Litfin – Tour de Tonka – He’s the community education director in Minnetonka and he said the Tour is a bike ride. Litfin has a Power Point presentation. Reinhardt said there is a list that has been compiled to be considered. She understands the event organizer will have police at the intersection of Sunset Drive and Litfin said that is the plan. Reinhardt said there will be Two uniformed tour volunteers at the Kings Rd intersection. Hughes asked what a uniform means. Litfin said they wear bright yellow or green safety vests and the intersections in Spring Park being discussed will have vests. Hughes wants volunteers that know how to direct traffic. Reinhardt said they are requesting bike patrols at least 45 minutes to inform trail users of the tour coming through. Litfin said someone on a scooter has been assigned to pre-patrol the trail. Williamson wondered if a motorized scooter will be allowed. Litfin said he will be discussing this and looking for this approval. Reinhardt is happy to hear that this person on a scooter will be patrolling the duration. Litfin said the trail is anticipated to be open during the event rather than being closed to the general public. He said there will be education material about trail etiquette and it’s posted on the website. Also, a rider goody bag is handed out to registered participants and etiquette material will be a part of it. Litfin said rest stops will be available, corner guards will be placed throughout the trail and will be instructing. The morning announcements are broadcast and trail etiquette will be announced. He said specific signs will be lettered and placed throughout stating trail etiquette.

Hughes asked about bike repair and mechanics and Litfin said they are located at all the rest stops. There will be roving vans to pick up stranded riders. Widmer asked about the timing. Litfin said the ride starts at 7:30 a.m. with the 100 miler group. The actual group going through Spring Park doesn’t start until around 7:45 so they anticipate them coming through around 9 a.m. Reinhardt said condition 5 is installing information signs at both intersections is Spring Park. Litfin said the signs go up starting around 2 a.m. that morning. Reinhardt said there is a request to publish an informational notice in various local papers. Widmer suggests the time frame could be published along with the ad. Litfin said they don’t normally do that other than a general PR announcement. Hughes asked if there will be a map. Litfin said they refer to the website. Williamson said a press release versus a paid ad has no guaranty it won’t be cut at the last minute. Litfin mentions something be put in the utility bill or newsletter. Williamson asked about fees and Litfin said they are listed on the website and he’s not sure about the exact number. Williamson asked about accepting the permit subject to the conditions contained herein. Reinhardt said this has thoroughly been discussed and she is comfortable. Reinhardt makes a motion to approve the permit for the Tour de Tonka for 2012 subject to the discussed conditions. Williamson seconds. All votes ayes, motion carries. Reinhardt said she is philosophically opposed to events coming through other cities for the benefit of their particular community. Litfin said he feels it benefits everyone by the exposure of coming through a community.

a. Tour de Cure Special Event Application – Tolsma said this event is coming through for the first time. He said it’s informational but they are requesting the council’s opinion. Tolsma said they are requesting feedback on the whether they should use the trail or the roads. Tolsma said the event is leaning towards using the road and Chief Farniok is wanting them to use the trail. Tolsma said they are looking for feedback. Williamson said this is happening soon. Reinhardt said one of the differences between the two groups is Tour de Cure would be coming through Spring Park earlier in the day. Reinhardt said some of the conditions set out for the Tour de Tonka could be a basis for approval. Hughes asked about the sailing regatta and Tolsma said it’s in July. Stone said if they are directed to the trail, they should be subject to the same conditions. Williamson said if they are racing, he doesn’t think they should be on the trail. Hughes said there could be a trail person and there could be a street person as there are more intersections on the street so there will need to be more uniformed personnel. Reinhardt thinks if they are on the trail they should be given the same list of conditions. Hughes asked what is the exact route, where are the rest stops, first aid stations, water stops, portapotties, that sort of thing. Williamson doesn’t like to set a rigorous set of standards with one group and being lax with another. He thinks the same standards should apply to all. Reinhardt thinks the questions can be asked but it shouldn’t be part of the approval. Reinhardt said the list of conditions should be presented and see if they are interested in pursuing this.

a. Resolution 12-11: Recycling Grant Agreement
Williamson makes a motion and Hughes seconds to adopt Resolution 12-11. All votes ayes, motion carries.
a. Mayor and Council – Reinhardt said she received a complaint that the flag at city hall is tattered and faded and needs replacing. Hughes suggested the park flag be checked at the same time. Hughes said there is an LMCD meeting this week and there is a proposal to have a low impact snack barge and waste containers at Cruiser Cove on Big Island. Williamson said he ran into some key individuals involved in the Coffee Cove area. He said there is private property (Lord Fletchers) involved in this. The desire is to clear the dead heads and take out some of the trees and stabilize the embankment with plantings. Tolsma said he spoke with this individual today and he may be able to come to the admin meeting. Williamson thinks this could be taken in steps. Widmer said Lord Fletchers has always been on board with this.
b. City Administrator
Parking lot update. Tolsma said initially there was going to be $70,000 available with the Watershed contributing $35K and Park District the other $35K. Since then, the Park District has the allocation but the Watershed got a $20K allocation related to water quality. So there is $55K available and an alternative has been discussed. They are looking at the existing parking lot and suggesting redoing the parking lot and designating four stalls on the east end and relocating the trail access point on the east end. Williamson asked about it going into the storage yard area and Tolsma said it will not go into it. Reinhardt and Williamson said they are not interested in giving over parking spots. Hughes said he would like to see the new stalls, make those pervious pavers and leave the city parking lot the way it is.

Basketball Court Discussion – Tolsma said there is a conflict with the location and a tree that would need to be moved. Williamson said the area marked with orange cones was underwater last year. He is concerned about the concrete base and having it deteriorate. Williamson really questions the location. Tolsma said that has been brought up with Ellingson. Ellingson said it’s the highest area of a low area and it can be built up with aggregate. Williamson said the problem is water drains into a small valley and it drains towards Sunset Drive retention. Williamson said Ellingson should know the problems. Reinhardt asked if the tree that needs to be moved can be moved. Tolsma said it’s been moved once already so it’s risky. Stone said the further north the sport court can be moved, it probably would be better. Hughes said he’s in favor of losing the tree and moving this sport court to the higher ground. Tolsma agrees. Hughes moves to removing the tree and placing the sport court as far north as practical. Stone seconds. All votes ayes, motion carries. Williamson asked about Dan’s Dispatch about further discussion regarding drainage from Pres Homes. Tolsma said he’s had discussions with resident Groth and Weiss Builders regarding the shore cleanup that needs to be finished.
c. City Engineer – Nothing.
d. City Attorney – Nothing.
e. Utility Superintendent
a. May 9, 2012 – Administration Committee – 11:00 AM Reinhardt asks about changing to 12:30 p.m. and it’s agreed.
b. May 16, 2012 – Fire Commission – 11:00 AM
c. May 21, 2012 – Council Meeting – 7:30 PM
d. May 29, 2012 (Tuesday) – Work Session – 7:30 PM – time is 7 pm, not 7:30 pm.
a. Bills & Payroll – Hughes/Stone.***
15. MISCELLANEOUS (Information Only)
a. LMCD Draft 2013 Budget – Reinhardt said there is a 2.6% increase and Spring Park’s impact is minimal. Hughes said the LMCD has used some reserves and Spring Park actually had a $10 decrease but they’ve wanted to replenish the reserves so that’s why there is an increase.
b. 2012 State of the County Address Invitation
c. Upper Minnetonka Yacht Club Regatta – Reinhardt said there is a sailing Regatta being proposed. Reinhardt said this doesn’t trigger the special event but the Water Patrol wants a letter from the city. Williamson wondered about the parking and the private lot. Tolsma said they have permission from Buttenhoff to use the lot but Tolsma will make sure.
d. Hughes asked about the downed street light. Tolsma said he has some photographs of the street light that fell down this weekend. It fell on the sidewalk. Stone wondered why it fell down. Widmer said there were some storms over the weekend. Tolsma said there was an analysis done on all 38 street lights and seven of the lights are considered an emergency replacement. Williamson wondered about a systematic replacement of the lights and updating the technology. He said it may not make sense to replace randomly versus sequencing them together for economic sense. Williamson said if something is purchased new he wants to see at least a 50% energy savings.

16. ADJOURNMENT – Stone makes a motion and Widmer seconds to adjourn at 9:35 p.m. All votes ayes, motion carries.