August 27, 2012 Work Session

Attendance: Reinhardt, Hughes, Stone, Williamson. Widmer excused. Engineer Pearson, Attorney Beck, residents Jerry Rockvam and Del Carter.

a. Staff met to discuss the catch basin issue further since the last work session and have come to the conclusion that if the city were to partner with the townhome association it would be logical to simply install one catch basin on the West Arm Drive side (estimate of $4,500 = city liability of $1,080). The city catch basin is performing well and its sediment retention capabilities have improved significantly since the installation of the baffle. We also felt that it made the most sense to install the deeper sump on the downstream catch basin (West Arm Drive) where it would be most effective since the catch basin from West Arm East flows into that one before both catch basins outlet to the French drain. Staff also recommends that the city and the townhome association enter into an agreement to maintain the catch basin based on the respective watershed percentages (76% townhome association & 24% city), but not the French drain. The rationale behind this recommendation is that it should either be one or the other and if the city is going to share responsibility for cleaning the French drain then it doesn’t make much financial sense to install a new catch basin.
Tolsma said it makes sense to install one improved catch basin and the savings will be in the long-term maintenance. He said the association will see the maintenance savings to offset the upfront costs. Tolsma said Rockvam was updated on the recommendation. Rockvam said he spoke with the board and they are in favor. He wondered though if there was a provision to change the elevation on West Arm Drive. He said the drainage runs over onto West Arm Road. Rockvam said it makes a lot of sense to install the larger sump basin but he’s wondering about the drainage. Reinhardt said changing the elevation has not been discussed previously and it is a private road. Rockvam wondered if the smaller drain on West Arm Road would remain and it was confirmed that it stays. Reinhardt said there was an invoice from Larson about cleaning the drain but she wondered what the cost would be to vac it out. Rockvam doesn’t think it would need to be done twice a year. Hughes said he thought the city would take both drains out and put one in. Tolsma said that could be an option but the system works as is and, installing a new and improved sump would be the most cost effective plan. Rockvam asked about the percentage of 76/24 and wondered if that would hold true for the maintenance. Tolsma said they would look to those same numbers and maybe there’d be a maintenance agreement spelling it out. Reinhardt said this could be put on the agenda for the next meeting and getting some additional numbers for support costs. Williamson asked about frequency. Williamson asked about street sweeping and Rockvam said it is done three times a season. He wondered if calibrating the street sweeps might reduce the maintenance costs. Stone wondered if nothing will be going into the French drain. Rockvam said it would be nice but he’s not sure. Reinhardt asked Beck about a formal agreement documenting the 76/24 split between the city and West Arm Townhome Association. Williamson also suggests a sunset date and not for perpetuity. Beck said it could automatically renew. Williamson thinks a longer term would be fine but either side could re-open this for discussion.

a. Residents were sent a letter explaining the rain garden situation and a copy of the landscaping proposal done by Norling’s (included) regarding the Channel Rd. rain garden and asked to submit any feedback to city staff by August 23rd. No written comments were received, although positive verbal feedback was received from a number of the residents on Channel Rd.
Reinhardt said photos went to property owners. Tolsma said the renderings may be difficult to see as they blend in with the background. He said this proposal is about a year old and he’ll have to recheck the numbers. Tolsma said he asked for feedback and he didn’t receive anything written but he’s had conversations with four residents and they are all happy with the proposal. Williamson wondered if the photos are really what will be installed. Tolsma said the photo is more like what it will look like when matured. Stone wondered about the upkeep for Norling's and Hughes said it’s part of the overall beautification. Reinhardt said if this is to move forward it can be brought to the next meeting. Reinhardt wondered when this would be done and Tolsma said it could may be done yet this fall but said he doesn’t want snow removal to stress the new plantings.

a. Included for review is an aerial sketch of the basketball court and playground area at Thor Thompson Park. The sketch includes measurements from the court to the timber forms along the western edge of the playground. Staff came up with two different proposals for the area which are shown on the sketch. Price estimates for both options are coming and will be shared with the council at the meeting.
Reinhardt said there is some concern the timbers outlining the play area could pose a hazard to the players on the basketball court. Tolsma said he attempted to simplify this in the diagram. He said the most concerning measurement is the middle distance. Reinhardt wondered if now that the court has been in for a while, is it truly a danger. Williamson said it’s a marginal issue. He said his observance has been the ball actually goes more the other way. He suggests doing something but keep it to a minimum. Hughes wondered if the Planning Commission could be involved as they’ve been given the task to think about playground equipment. Tolsma said he doesn’t have the numbers but will have them for the next meeting. Hughes wonders if we want to hold off on this since it’s a minimal change and give it to the PC an opportunity to study this further. Williamson said they are the park board and they are to make a report to the council but he doesn’t know if that has ever been done. He thinks it would be a good idea but he’d rather have them do it as a comprehensive study of the parks and brainstorm ideas. Williamson said he’s concerned of another hazard that exists and he wonders about the post that holds the backboard itself. Tolsma said it has since been wrapped and it’s been graded. Stone said she wonders about a risk management report. Reinhardt said she wonders what the safety measurement standards are. Williamson said Berkley Risk may have some standards associated with a study they did previously. Reinhardt wondered about covering the timbers. Reinhardt said staff direction should be to contact Berkley for risk standards and then to the PC for their input. It’s agreed that more information is needed.

a. June Financial Report
b. July Financial Report
c. Letter from Sheriff Richard Stanek – Reinhardt said there is a letter about the HC dispatch and evaluating whether they will charge cities for dispatch services.
d. July Police Report

• Reinhardt said the Mound City Council will be discussing and making a decision regarding disbanding the police department at their upcoming meeting. Reinhardt said she attended the public forum as a customer of Orono. She said she commented but limited her comments. She said Mound's Mayor Hanus asked about the dedicated police car and Reinhardt said the city leaves the policing coverage needs to the police. She said there is a police district established. Hughes said he’s noticed a lot more activity with the police recently. He said that crime is up and some departments are more proactive because of it. Williamson said he is concerned about the cities contract with a district approach with a south and north district and he is concerned about the maintained integrity with the addition of Mound. Williamson doesn’t want additional administrative expense passed on to Spring Park because of the addition of Mound as part of Orono PD.
• Tolsma said there was a sewer back up at Lord Fletcher’s restaurant but they were able to break through the block.
• Williamson wondered about street lights. Tolsma said the lumen study is getting close to completion. Tolsma said a decorative pendant was discouraged because of light disbursement.
• Williamson asked about the upcoming maturing CD’s and notes there is money available so the city is very liquid.
• Hughes wondered about raccoon removal from derelict property. Williamson said it is a animal control issue and the police department community service officer will deal with this.
• Williamson said he is concerned about the police reports reflecting locations outside of Spring Park. He understands following a vehicle into another city but thinks some of these calls are way out of the jurisdiction. Tolsma will contact Farniok about this.

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 p.m.