June 25, 2012 Work Session

Attendance: Reinhardt, Widmer, Hughes, Williamson and Stone. Administrator Tolsma, Attorney Beck, Clerk Lewin.

a. Staff will be doing a presentation on the entrance signs. Site plans and designs are still being finalized and will be shown at the meeting. Staff is looking for direction regarding both the preferable location and the lettering design of the signs. Once both of those are selected staff will work with George Norling to complete the project. Reinhardt said this has been in the works for almost two years and it’s starting to come together. Tolsma said there are some designs that Sign Age has worked up and the council can offer feedback. Tolsma presents some site plans for the west sign, the primary location. Tolsma said no part of the sign will encroach onto the sidewalk. Williamson wonders about the tree. Hughes asked about site line views. Stone asked about the construction materials of the sign. Tolsma said it can be steel construction but there are options. Hughes wondered about vinyl lettering that is reflective. Hughes also wondered about samples being presented of painted or vinyl. Tolsma said the price estimates for the lettering was about $4-500. Reinhardt said the cost of the two signs is around $13,000. Tolsma said he is looking for the design, the style of the lettering and the location. Once that is determined, he can go back to Norling. Tolsma confirmed the sign modifications suggested in order to direct the sign manufacturer. Reinhardt wondered how long it would take to make the sign and Tolsma thought he remembered about three weeks.

b. Staff has received two quotes to date. The first quote was $2,500 which would be done from the Hennepin County parking lot on the east side of the cove. The unknown with this quote is that it would require the parking lot to be shut down for the better part of a day so the equipment can have adequate room to operate. That would require permission from the County and it is likely that nothing would happen until this fall when less people are using the fishing area. The second option would be done from a barge and cost roughly $4,000 - $5,000. With this option the cove would be cleaned out as soon as the last week of June or the second week of July as they have availability during those times. Both proposals include the removal of the downed trees and dead trees that are still standing along the shore. Tolsma said the clean out is a one full day project. He said Niccum would clean out from their barge. He quoted $3500 and they could do it this week. Council is wanting this work to be done and Fletcher’s will be paying half of the cost. Williamson thinks the deadfalls need to be removed. Williamson said he wants Tolsma to know that he has the full support of the council to proceed with this clean out. Tolsma said Niccum has a chance to do it this week so that’s probably why the good price.

2. BOWFISHING – 8:00 -
Follow up from the discussion at the June 18th Council Meeting – Hughes said the cities have been asked to react to this and comments can be submitted. Hughes thinks it would be good to get this to Nybeck and all the cities’ comments would be reviewed. He said the big deals are how long the rope lengths should be and setbacks from established beaches. Reinhardt wonders about how far from boats, such as anchored boats. Williamson said his attitude is against shooting arrows on Lake Minnetonka except for special “hunts” for control. He said it’s an accident that’s going to happen sooner or later. Widmer said she suggests we tell them the city is against this. Reinhardt said the lake is so busy and this is not the lake for this. Hughes said there are newly established areas for gathering and swimming activities and it’s becoming crowded. Hughes suggested this be passed on to Greg Nybeck of the LMCD.

a. May Fire Report
b. Star Tribune Article Regarding Rental Inspections – Reinhardt said the City of Burnsville is going to be more proactive about enforcement of code violations such as weeds.
c. May Financial Report

4. MISCELLANEOUS – Reinhardt said at the police commission meeting it was mentioned that the Tour de Cure was not a successful event. Reinhardt said Mound has contacted Orono Police about possibly providing police services to the City of Mound. Farniok said if that were to happen, he would probably not be using the same formula that is used because it could raise Spring Park’s numbers. Hughes asked about fire protection and Reinhardt thought fire protection is still moving forward with Minnetrista and St. Boni. Williamson asked about street light update and Tolsma said Barr Engineering will have something at the end of this week. He said he also met with some vendors at the Administrator’s Conference. He said actual specs will have to be put together before going out to bid. Widmer wondered about the wiring. Tolsma said that will be in the report. Hughes asked about the tennis court and the basketball court. Tolsma said the first quote for the backboard was $1500 for treated plywood. The sport court might be a go in the next few weeks. He said there is a vacation conflict around the 4th of July but anticipates this soon. Tolsma said as part of the project the old court will be removed so they’ll be able to remove the tree stump from the tree that was removed. Williamson asked about MnWarn. Tolma said he spoke with Chief Farniok after the meeting and there are already several levels of assistance in place so the MnWarn has been dropped. Illicit Discharge is on the staff meeting’s agenda on Wednesday. Williamson said Boomerang is discharging into the lake and it is supposedly clean, pure water. He said he wondered if this is being checked. He thinks it might be worthwhile to have a sample sent in for analysis. Williamson said he is happy with the finances but he has an observation, not a complaint. He said a new CD was bought through Wells Fargo. He said he doesn’t think there will be great rates of return. He knows Wells Fargo doesn’t work for free and he is concerned that the rate is small. He wondered if the plan about checking with other investing vehicles is still going to happen. He said there are some coming due now. He wants to shop around and not just roll money with Wells Fargo. Widmer wonders if this should be held off if we’re looking at new street lights. Williamson said there is liquid money available. Tolsma said there were some CD’s that came due, non Wells Fargo. He said the reason the money market funds have gone up is because he parked some money in the money market funds. He said the Wells Fargo ones have re-uped but they’re short-term ones. Williamson thinks too much money is with Wells Fargo and it hasn’t been managed well. Widmer said rates can be negotiated. She said some banks are looking for money.