March 26, 2012 Work Session

Attendance: Mayor Reinhardt, Council members Widmer, Williamson, Hughes, Stone.  Administrator Tolsma, Clerk Lewin, Engineer Ellingson, Attorney Beck.


Celebrate Greater Mound:  Former Planning Commissioner, Bill Tyler, represents CGM.  He said the cities of Navarre, SP, Minnetrista, St. Boni and Mound are members. He said there is a Banner project and that’s what he would like to discuss.  He said a business owner can purchase a banner and they run around $150-200.  He said it’s marketing and advertising driven.  Two banner vendors are being interviewed and they would be responsible for selling the banners to businesses.  Tyler said for instance the City of Mound plans on displaying some banners close to their city hall.  Tyler said the banners will not say Celebrate Greater Mound.  Tyler said there is no cost to Spring Park except the cost in hanging.  Reinhardt said a similar effort was started several years ago.  Widmer remembers it and said the banners shred so bad because of the wind off the lake.  Tyler said it’s a common complaint so there is a year warranty and the banners are made of 15 ounce fabric. He said this strength would be doubled to accommodate the wind from the lake.  There is discussion about the feasibility of putting the banners up on the poles and the added costs to be born by the city.  Reinhardt said the city’s costs for putting up and taking down decorations on the poles can be a big cost.



See Memo. Darin will be in attendance.  Ellingson said he put together a history of the wells in the memo attached.  He refers to the diagram of a well.  Ellingson said sand particles are being pulled up from a depth of about 222 feet below grade.  Williamson wonders how they know sand is accumulating.  Ellingson said water tests will show the presence of sand.  Williamson wonders what harm there is.  Ellingson said because of the accumulation of sand, it increases the wear and tear on the equipment.  Hughes asked about the percentage of time in a week or a day pumps are running to maximum capacity with the new tower.  Ellingson said 75-77 mil gallons a year so it’s about 200,000 gallons per day.  Hughes said his question is if they are going after more capacity than they actually need.  Ellingson said this is a planning item.


Maintenance and repair options – Ellingson said there is always the option to do nothing.  He outlines the other options as referenced in his attached memo.  Williamson wondered about having to go on the Interconnect with Orono while the wells are being serviced.  Ellingson said that wouldn’t be necessary.  Hughes wonders about parts and the costs and about surprises.  Ellingson said the only thing he’s worried about is the sand removal.  Ellingson said the sand separator creates a vortex.  The water goes around it and pulls the sand beneath it.  Hughes asked how it empties and Ellingson said it falls down.  Williamson said these wells have been running since 1964 and they are only serviced every ten years or so.  Ellingson said because of the sand, the pumps are running longer.  Williamson said they don’t run all the time.  Hughes said an objective is to raise the pumping capacity.  Ellingson said they could bring the capacities back up but they are running slower because of the sand being drawn.  Ellingson said they are still estimating $12-15,000 for the wells.  Reinhardt said she feels more comfortable with an engineer being involved in more than just a bid package.  Williamson leans towards option two and to use a quote process instead of a formal bid.  Hughes agrees. 


    1. See Memo. Nancy will be in attendance.  Reinhardt said there is a memo in the packet.  Beck said this has been ongoing discussion particularly since there isn’t much licensing participation.  Beck said the convenience is to identify an owner of a lost dog.  Reinhardt wonders can the rules still be in place but not the licensing.  Beck said the law gives general ability to regulate pets in the city but no specifics are required.  Widmer thinks having the licensing makes dog owners more conscious of the other pieces.  Williamson said there isn’t a lot of enforcement.  Beck said an education component could be put on the website or in the newsletter to remind dog owners what the rules are.  Stone thinks part of the reason they aren’t being licensed is the jump in the fee to $25.  Hughes said rabies tags contain the vet information.  He said chips have all of the info imbedded.  Reinhardt said she wonders what the real benefit is to continue the dog licensing.  Hughes said the ordinance can stipulate that the dog has updated vaccinations, vet information, owner information, etc.  Williamson wonders what does licensing solve, as he’s not aware of anything.  Williamson suggests we enter into an experimental suspension of the dog licensing but leave in place all the other rules.  Hughes said the owner needs to have some form of identification and Beck says that’s required by state law.  Reinhardt asks Beck to adjust the ordinance to reflect that.  Widmer said she would like the ordinance published in the newsletter.


    1. See Memo.  Beck said Tolsma asked her to review this because of an unemployment claim for benefits.  Beck said anyone hired, except for a high school student, is eligible but they must be actively looking for work.  Widmer asked about someone who is working two jobs.  Beck said they aren’t applying against a city, they’re applying for benefits and all employers are taken into consideration.  Beck said a seasonal job should see the job end and then rehire for the following year. Williamson thinks a priority should be put on a high school kid. 


    1. A copy of the most recent draft ordinance is included for review. The new draft takes into account the comments and suggestions made at last month’s work session.  Reinhardt said the changes requested have come back.  Stone said she didn’t see anything about putting unpaid dollars abated to the tax rolls.  Beck said the statute is clear about what can be assessed.  She said it’s an expensive way to recover the dollars as a hearing would be necessary.  She thinks it would be less expensive to go through an administrative fine route.  She said an increased escrow amount is being suggested.  Hughes wonders if this was in place would it apply to the Tour de Tonka.  Beck said yes.  Tolsma thinks trails should be added.  Williamson said the application must include the name and address of the event.  Williamson wants the property owner added to the application. 


    1. See Memo.  Reinhardt said at the admin meeting the event organizer and the police chief were at the meeting.  Criteria being suggested was discussed.  Williamson said advance notification and signage was stressed but he wasn’t convinced they were willing to do this.  Williamson thought there were useful suggestions but didn’t think they agreed to anything.  Hughes said the signage will start going up around 2 a.m.  Beck asked if they are putting signs up in advance any sooner than 2 a.m.  Reinhardt said the other missing piece is something needs to be added for education and stating there will be other trail users not participating in the event and rules of the trail.  Reinhardt thinks the event coordinators need to comply and if they won’t, the permit will not be granted.  Tolsma said the event organizer wants to appear at the next council meeting.  Reinhardt doesn’t think we’re ready with the conditions yet so doesn’t think they should come to a council meeting yet. 


    1. Included for review is a memo from Rebecca Kurtz and Bruce Kimmel of Ehlers regarding the options for TIF District 1-2. The intent of the memo and discussion is to simply make the Council aware of the options. There is no immediate deadline for making a decision.  Williamson suggests this be laid over for the next workshop.


  1. 2012 PLANNING COMMISSION ITINERARY DISCUSSION – Reinhardt suggested this to be laid over as well.  She thinks more discussion needs to be had on this.  Williamson thinks revisiting the role of the park commission should be a plan brought forth.  She wonders if the planning commission can come forward with a plan for the backwater by Lord Fletcher’s restaurant.  Reinhardt thinks this should be put on the PC agenda for April.
    1. March MNSPECT Minute
    2. February Fire Report
    3. League of MN Cities Weekly Legislative Update
    4. 2012 Assessment Packet



Insecticide treatment options was a handout passed around.  Hughes said the second item called TreeAzin is non-invasive and it should be presented to whoever is treating for Emerald Ash Borer. 


9:20 p.m. adjourn