April 23, 2012 Work Session

a. Quote and court design included. – Mayor Reinhardt introduces representative Priebe. He said it’s his 17th year and his partner has been in the business for 21 years. They do about 100 courts per year. He said the concept is modular squares. The pieces clip together and it comes in a variety of colors. He said it’s an athletic surface designed for exterior. It drains debris away because of a slight pitch. The base is a 4” slab of concrete and the free floating squares rest on top. The surface would be raised slightly above the grass level. Stone is concerned about the possibility of injury due to the raised edge. Priebe said there is a 15 year warranty and they can be flooded over for an ice rink. Priebe said the cold isn’t the issue, it’s more the heat. Hughes wondered about removing debris that is stuck. Priebe said power washing works best. Reinhardt asked about a logo and Priebe said it would be painted on. Widmer asked about the height compared to grade and Priebe said worse case would be about four inches. He said it could be smoothed and transitioned. Widmer wondered about grass clippings and was told it washes away. Priebe said Tonka Bay is putting in this court. Reinhardt asked about color and Williamson asked about tree sap. Hughes wondered about the evolution of the materials. Priebe said it’s about the sixth generation. Reinhardt said staff will put together the actual proposal and bring it back to the council. Priebe said an example can be seen at Clear Spring Townhome Association located South on 101 from Hwy 7 about two exits.

a. Eichten said he will give a brief report of the management and financial reports. A discussion regarding the City’s fund balance policy and special revenue funds (materials included) is also planned. – Williamson asks about GasB 54 and Eichten said he’ll talk about it. Eichten said a financial report and management report was included in the packet and the management report is what he puts together. He said an opinion is given for the financial statement. He said he doesn’t provide controls, just an opinion with recommendations, if any. Eichten said there are no findings to report regarding the accountability. He said fund balance recording and governmental standard is GasB 54. The standard requires changing the definition of special revenue fund and two of three of Spring Park’s no longer meet the definition. He said the city’s fund balance policy still describes the old funds and this will have to be changed. Eichten explained pages two and three are formal communications regarding problems and there is nothing noteworthy. He said on page six a dramatic shift of property tax is noted. He said taxable market value is shown for eight years and the last two years there has been a dramatic drop, significantly more than statewide averages. Eichten said the city is still below the state wide averages to generate the tax rate so, that is a good thing. He said albeit the tax capacity is going down, the city is still below the average. Eichten said the city is fully developed so there is less revenue generated. He said revenue in 2010 was higher because of the Pres Homes redevelopment. Eichten said moving on to the expense side, 2010 compared to statewide shows the city is below the average in terms of spending. He said current spending in general public safety is higher but debt service costs are significantly lower compared to other cities. Williamson said this used to be zero. Eichten said fund balances are fairly flat as they are only funded twice a year with property taxes. Without the 60% fund balance there wouldn’t be dollars to support the system. Eichten said there were approximately $80,000 in tax abatements. He said the general fund budget to actual comparison was on page 13 The general fund was under so it shows good budgetary controls/projections put in place. Eichten said it’s good news and the city has done a good job.

a. Memo from Nancy and contribution requests included. Reinhardt said after reading this again, she thinks it’s a gray area and they probably should pass on this. Widmer agrees and thinks parade participation is all that should be done. Reinhardt said she read the letter from WeCan and she understands the funding sources are drying up. Williamson said in the absence of WeCan some cities pick up the social costs associated with cities. If the Gillespie Center model was followed, it would require other city buy-in as well. Beck said there are specific statutory authorizations for a senior center. Williamson thinks there needs to be discussion with all the cities served to see what can be done as a united effort.

a. LTD quotes included. – Tolsma said there are a couple of quotes included in the packet. He said Brimeyer got this going and we’ve been waiting for some quotes from Logis. He said staff also got independent quotes. Tolsma said there are preset terms. Williamson asked about continuous disability where there are two incidents. He said long-term disability can almost be life-time. Widmer said sometimes there is a stipulation if it re-occurs within a certain period of time. She said when applying for SS disability it is defined as inability to work for any gainful occupation. Reinhardt likes the longer elimination period of 180 days for a total premium of $57 for four employees. Stone asked if it can be provided but an employee can upgrade, if they want. Williamson suggests looking at the rock bottom premium and it’s a starting point and to re-evaluate from year-to-year. Hughes said he would like to see what the difference is between the $57 premium and the $82 premium since it isn’t that much difference. Widmer wondered about employee contribution. Stone said that’s why she wonders about a base buy in and then the employee buying up, if they so desire. Beck suggested checking the ratings of the companies.

a. Position description included. – Reinhardt said this job description was created a while back and it can be kept the same or changed. Widmer asked if this is going to be seasonal or part-time. Tolsma said the council will have to decide. He said Goman would like someone part-time, year round. Widmer said when it was Goman’s father, it was just summer time. Reinhardt said when she looked at the list, she didn’t think the part-time person was that versed. Williamson said the utility superintendent is hired to do the duties and other things are contracted out. He said it was initially decided any person could do the items requested. Reinhardt said she highlighted the first two items and checks and reads water meters when necessary, nothing more seems necessary. Williamson said labor that does not require exceptional skill or training. Beck suggested hours should be defined also. Reinhardt asked if a high school diploma would be required and specific normal working hours are required. Widmer thinks Tolsma should be the hiring authority versus Goman. A salary can be determined once the duties are assigned. Tolsma said he can put an ad together and advertise it. Reinhardt said she could get it out there to the high school.

a. Memo from Bruce Kimmel included. Reinhardt said there wasn’t an opportunity to go through the document at the last meeting. She said there is no obligation or requirement. There is just a general levy and no capital levy. Tolsma agrees, unless there is a specific project, it might be worth it to let this float. Reinhardt said funds could be used to acquire property and she wondered about the old Super America site and maybe a low ball offer.

b. IPAD DISCUSSION – 8:30 – Reinhardt said Tolsma has worked through the Ipad but there is some concern about the value. He thinks it’s time to put it in the hands of the user to see if there is benefit. Reinhardt thinks the first test model should be Williamson and he should have it for 30 days. Tolsma said they’d activate a data plan. Reinhardt wondered if Williamson would be willing to accept this as a trial and Williamson agreed. Widmer asked what the benefit would be for council. She said everyone seems to have computers that do what needs to be done. Reinhardt said she thinks it’s an official avenue for e-mail versus using personal e-mail. It would be a step towards paperless and to bring to conferences and meetings. She thinks there is lots of functionality. She thinks it’s similar to a laptop but that doesn’t have Internet unless it’s wireless. Widmer wonders what is the investment in terms of dollar amounts. Tolsma said the Ipads are around $500 per unit, the 3G service is about $15-20 per month for those that need it. Hughes asked about having his own laptop. Rienhardt said the city e-mail can be forwarded to any e-mail requested. Hughes wondered if his laptop would do the same thing as an Ipad and is told yes, but in a different way. Reinhardt said anyone can bring their personal laptop at any time.

a. 10 minute overview of the AED system. Tolsma said the short video is helpful for everyone. Williamson thinks it might be nice to have another defib located somewhere else in the city.

a. March Financial Report
b. 2011 Annual Orono PD Report
c. March Fire Report
d. May Channel 8 & 20 Schedules

9. MISCELLANEOUS - Tolsma said the police report was inadvertently included in the packet last week and it was not for public information. It was a mistake and shouldn’t have been included. It will be removed from the public records on file.

Adjourn at 9:30 p.m.