July 9, 2014 Planning Commission Minutes

1. CALL TO ORDER – Chair Hoffman called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.


3. ROLL CALL – Mason, Struck, Tempero, Hoffman. Kaczanowski arrived after meeting adjourned. Late due to soccer coaching conflict. Also present Council Representative Bren, Administrator Tolsma, Clerk Lewin and Planner Brixius.

4. ADOPT AGENDA – Hoffman makes a motion to switch items 6b and 6a. All votes ayes, motion carries. Mason makes a motion to adopt the agenda and Tempero seconds. All votes ayes, motion carries.

a. Planning Commission Meeting Minutes from June 11, 2014. Bren said she wanted to explain her misvote during the council meeting of June 16. She said she meant to vote yes but voted no after confusion. Struck makes a motion Tempero seconds. All votes ayes, motion carries.

a. Manufacturing District Uses - Brixius said there have been some businesses that have gone into the Tonka Business Center. He said allowed is manufacturing, assembly, etc. He said there are a number of retail type businesses that don’t quite fit the current description. Brixius thinks the manufacturing district should be modified to allow retail and service type businesses. He said what he envisions is a C1 district where it would be allowed. He said there are concerns about parking, businesses that are interior to the building. During the development of Lakeview Lofts, Brixius said there was an indication from the building owner that there may be some future plans with the parking lot. Brixius said he doesn’t recommend change existing uses but to add permitted uses if it meets certain conditions. He said in the past the city has been unaware of businesses going in the building when a sign application comes before the planning commission. Hoffman wondered about when a building permit is applied for if parking conditions can be examined. Brixius said he wants an assurance from the building owner that the parking is attached to the building. Brixius thinks there needs to be clarity. Hoffman is concerned about reviewing parking when a sign application comes forward that it’s too late. Leases have been signed and build outs have been commenced. Brixius said this is more just asking the PC if they are interested in tightening this up. Mason asked if this could even go to something such as a grocery store. Brixius said it’s pretty broad now. He said there might be some things they want to prohibit such as tattoo parlors, adult businesses, that sort of thing. Struck wonders about a grocery store or a high volume store due to traffic and parking concerns. Brixius thinks things should be explored with an open mind as to what could go in the building. Mason said he agrees to trying to dedicate future parking. Tempero wonders about the current signage and how new signs fit in. Brixius said typically they ask the landlord about uniform sign appearance, placement, size. He said no more than 20% of the building can be covered with signage but sometimes there are internal businesses so there is detail review needed. He said he wants a comprehensive sign plan for this building because the larger industrial spaces could get divided up.
b. All In 1 Fitness Sign Application – Brixius said there was an application for a sign located at 4150 Shoreline Drive. He said this area is zoned manufacturing. Brixius said there were concerns as the sign placement is over an entrance door. He said they were unclear as to where the tenant space was located. Brixius said the building inspector was contacted and there was a concern about a change of use due to an assembly type use. He said there could be some question about occupancy and there will be a code review performed. He said with resolving that, they feel comfortable moving forward. Brixius said this business is next to Katie Lein Dance Studio. Brixius said a condition for the sign and the installation must accompany a sign off by the building inspector. Mason asked if it was an assembly business. Brixius clarified that it has to do with people assembling in groups. He said the business use qualifies but the concern is large group of people and additional fire protection might be necessary. Hoffman said it has to do with number of exits and ventilation. Brixius said the building inspector is working with the architect. The sign designer said this has been approved for occupancy. Hoffman said he’ll accept a motion for approval. Mason makes that motion and Tempero seconds. All votes ayes, motion carries.

7. COMMUNICATIONS – No comments or questions.
a. Council Minutes June 2, 2014
b. Council Minutes June 16, 2014
c. Council Work Session June 23, 2014

8. MISCELLANEOUS – Nothing. Tolsma said the park plan is on the back burner due to the flooding issues. He said it will be moved to the front in the future. Hoffman asked about the dog park and Tolsma said the individual has not come back to the city since. Tolsma said he intends on bringing this to a work session but work sessions have been converted to semi emergency meetings due to the flooding.

9. ADJOURNMENT – Struck makes a motion and Tempero seconds to adjourn the meeting at 7:22 p.m. All votes ayes, motion carries.