April 13, 2022 - Planning Commission Minutes

APRIL 13, 2022 – 6:00 PM

Meeting was called to order by Chair Jeff Hoffman at 6:00
Present: Hoffman, Mason, Terryll, Avalos, Absent: Homan
Also Present: Brimeyer, Brixius

       a.. Planning Commission Minutes of March 9, 2022 meeting

       a. The Yacht Club – Review Rezoning/CUP Application from Developer and Builder

City Planner shared with the commission the process to be followed for this project. The purpose of the meeting today is to hear a presentation of what the developer, Olson Global, would like to do with the building going forward. If the Commission has a favorable response and the developer decides to move forward, then a public hearing to amend the C-4 zoning district to allow for hotel and restaurant is required. That hearing could be scheduled for the next Plan Commission meeting on May 11th. If the developer decides to include a restaurant and/or a hotel, that request is subject to a Conditional Use Permit and additional public hearings are required.

Kelly Olson shared a slide presentation showing the uses of a hotel, business suites, commercial marina, indoor/outdoor dining, infinity edge pool, lakefront lounge area and related amenities. She also discussed compliance with ADA requirements, parking, noise monitoring and mitigation, site plan details, screening and floor plans for each of the three levels.

Terryll inquired about ownership of the building and potential revenue to the city. Olson responded she will be the owner and had not calculated tax revenue to the city. In response to the noise issue, Olson responded there would be not outdoor activities in the winter.

Avalos inquired about the need for additional police resources given the bar and restaurant. This has not been addressed.

Planner Brixius commented that the building would have a more intensive use if the C-4 were amended and the CUP process would be pursued. He also mentioned that he will have to explore some issues with shoreline setbacks.

Mason inquired about the timing of the project. Olson responded that a closing is scheduled for August and the restaurant would not likely happen until sometime the spring of 2023. The plan is to do the project in phases and she needs to meet with the LMCD about possibly getting additional dock space.

Mark Kozikowski, owner and manager of Edgewater apartments expressed concern about the noise issues. He further stated that when the Yacht Club was built, it was intended to be a buffer between the residential and the properties to the east.

Frank Taylor, attorney, asked about the hearing process and closing on the property. Brimeyer advised that if the commission had a favorable response, the hearing would be tentatively scheduled for May 11th and the June meeting would be an option.

The Chair indicated he is comfortable with the process of a zoning amendment first and then proceed with the necessary CUP process.

The Chair polled each member of the commission and all responses were positive about continuing with the proposed project.

The Chair updated the commission on the search process for a permanent Administrator. The council is reviewing eight candidates and at the April 19th Special Meeting, a list of 3-5 finalists will be established. Interviews are scheduled for a Special Meeting on May 10th.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20PM