Spring Park City Council

The Spring Park City Council is comprised of the mayor serving a two-year term and four council members who serve staggered four-year terms.  Council members are elected at large, meaning they represent the entire city and not a specific ward, or section of the city. 

Council members are the legislators of the city and are democratically elected to decide which services to provide and how to pay for them.  Among many other functions, the Spring Park City Council is responsible for establishing priorities and making policy decisions, enacting ordinances and resolutions, adopting the budget and making personnel decisions.

Mayor, Jeff Hoffman

(612) 720-1397 (c)


Council Member, Doug Sippel

(952) 917-0788 (c)


Council Member, Pamela Horton

(612) 229-8569 (c)


Council Member, Mark Chase

(612) 354-6167 (c)


Council Member, Ben Rimolde

(218) 310-4633 (c)