Wilshire Blvd Closure & Detour Through Spring Park

Please see the below document regarding the closure of Wilshire Boulevard and the Cooks Bay Bridge. The road Closure is set for April 3 and it will be a full closure of the stretch from just north of the Cooks Bay Bridge abutments through the Bradford intersection. Expect significant traffic at the Interlachen/Co 15 interchange as everyone on the Island will have to divert thru that intersection all year long.

Orono Police and Mound Fire have created plans for emergency responses. Also, Orono Police will provide increased visibility at that intersection for the first two weeks of the Wilshire closure.

Orono Police have said that all complaints regarding traffic, etc. should be sent to their non-emergency number at (952) 249-4700. They would like to be able to chart the times of the worst traffic so that they can provide additional assistance during those times.